Hippocrates Technologies

Who We Are and What We Do

Several full moons ago, when the world didn’t even have the faintest idea of the upcoming pandemic, we sat down thinking about how digital technology was upending healthcare.

It didn’t take much of a discussion for all of us to agree that the future of health is going to be digital.

The ever-improving connectivity and compute capabilities of smartphones, coupled with the advances in medical and data science research, were opening up new possibilities:

  • New wearable sensors for 24/7 health tracking
  • Powerful AI-based edge computing capabilities
  • New privacy-first data frameworks
  • Novel (pandemic-friendly) patient/doctor interaction opportunities

Yet innovation and digital adoption were (and still are) shackled by some hard problems, peculiar to this field.
To create a digital health application one has to spend a lot of money to hire very good developers, who then would create a complete solution from scratch sticking to established practices and industry regulations.
So, even if what was intended to be deployed is an (apparently) simple mobile application (such as a digital therapeutic), the entire process of design, development, and deployment ends up being rather complex and expensive.

In particular, we realized that digital health innovators would be spending huge amounts of time and resources on things that aren’t related to health at all.

We estimated that, for professional digital health solutions, 60-80% of the development costs relate to infrastructural components, while the development costs of innovative intellectual property (IP) account for just 20-40% of the total.
Besides, security vulnerabilities and ransomware attacks are a big problem for the industry, as the hackers are always lurking in the corner, to swindle the data, and sell it to the underworld, and/or to extract a ransom.

Hence any non-trivial misstep anywhere in this journey could prove to be disastrous to both innovators and end users alike (developers, patients, doctors, healthcare officials, etc. could all get hurt).

We analyzed the length and breadth of the industry’s technological landscape, scouring for solutions and tried and trusted components.
Day after day, one thing became quite clear: there currently is no Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution which focuses on and is optimized for the needs of this growing sector.
While the low code/no code development technology has been taking shape for generic business and financial applications, we recognized that there was a dire need to bring this powerful technology paradigm to healthcare applications as well.

So we set out with a mission to create the best development tools and technologies along with a supportive ecosystem that innovators can leverage to thrive and achieve success faster and more easily.

Over the next months we worked collectively to produce TheraForge, the world’s first enterprise-grade digital health lab, a transformative cloud-enabled rapid development solution with an integrated offline-first BaaS (Backend as a Service).

As a founding team we bring in decades of excellence in engineering, business, and product management to this venture.
We have designed, developed, and sold multibillion dollar products to Fortune 500 companies.
We have authored more than 50 patents and created innovative solutions and features that have become staples in the industry.
We have pioneered technologies to prevent network attacks, to improve stability and reliability, to expand user communication, to monitor and block malware.

Our collective experience and impeccable pedigree have enabled us to envision how the industry is evolving and how it is in need to transition to “safe harbor” technologies: in other words, how urgently it needs reference models that can be easily adopted and disseminated.

It is in our DNA to make innovation happen effortlessly. At the same time, we are looking forward to listening and partnering with developers to make our offering even more compelling.

As the pandemic raged and the world woke up to the potential of digital health (e.g., of telemedicine and virtual care), we kept our heads down and worked long and hard to realize our vision.

Here comes TheraForge, the world’s first enterprise-grade digital health lab, that we are proudly placing in the hands of developers.

You are welcome to try out TheraForge: our code is open-source (250K+ lines of code) and you can take a look at it here.
Follow the instructions on the Getting Started page: you can write to us and we will get you going with a demo account immediately, set up with secure keys.

As we write this post we are having discussions with a multitude of people in the industry to enrich our roadmap and build an ecosystem of partners, called TheraForge Hive.

Happy to count you in on our wonderful journey!