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TheraForge Release 1.0.4-beta Announcement

Hippocrates Technologies Announces Release 1.0.4-beta of the TheraForge SDK (10 May 2024)

TheraForge is an enterprise-grade low-code/no-code development platform for digital health and mobile health (mHealth) applications. It comprises ToolBox (an advanced open software development kit (SDK) for Apple iOS), MagicBox (a customizable template app), and CloudBox, an offline-first cross-platform Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) for serverless development. Today we are announcing the launch of TheraForge release 1.0.4-beta, a major new release that introduces a wealth of key features and enhancements listed in the following sections.

TheraForge Release 1.0.2


The initial release 1.0.0-beta in December 2021 introduced the TheraForge SDK and its related BaaS service (CloudBox) with a wealth of off-the-shelf mobile app components and services, as well as HIPAA and GDPR compliant technologies.

Release 1.0.3-beta introduced a number of key enhancements such as the CryptoBox end-to-end encryption technology and a companion WatchOS app for MagicBox.

Release 1.0.4-beta


  • Added a new TheraForge Design System framework that adds more off-the-shelf components and styles.
  • Added a new app styling capability to apply a user-selected theme to an app and to create custom theming.

Apple Watch

  • Improved watchOS support. This release synchronizes daily tasks between iOS and watchOS and updates their outcomes in both local stores as well as in the cloud.


  • Improved resiliency and scalability of the fully containerized CloudBox backend, the world’s first digital health-centric cloud backend for mobile and web-based apps (BaaS).
  • Enhancements to the CloudBox monitoring dashboard, which now covers more metrics
  • Improved the cypher order to strengthen TLS 1.3 security and make it quantum-ready for encryption.


    • New Styling Structure
      • Added a new OTFStyle environment object and modifier, allowing developers to apply the selected custom style to all the components of the app, whether they are from the TheraForge design system or from CareKit; developers can even apply them to custom views they may want to create.
      • Thanks to the new OTFStyle structure, the app can now adopt a user-selected theme in the AppSysParameter.yml file, which is applied equally to custom components inside the app, CareKitUI components and OTFDesignSystem components.
        # AppSysParameters.yml
        # Select the active style
        selectedStyle: "careKitStyle"
      • Removed the appTheme property from AppSysParameter and replaced it with styles, an array of styles that developers can use to apply to the app or to add their own custom styles that they can create.
      • Removed the color properties from the DesignConfig model, as the colors are now fetched from appStyle.

WorkBox (pre-beta)

  • Made important enhancements to the doctor and patient dashboard, with a new more professional landing page and better UI/UX:
    • Improved patient profile
    • Real time search in dashboard
    • Filtering of task list
    • Full adoption of the professional CoreUI Pro library

Vulnerability Fixes

The following vulnerabilities were fixed in release 1.0.4-beta:

  • CVE-2024-28849
  • CVE-2023-48631
  • CVE-2023-29827
  • CVE-2023-44270
  • CVE-2024-28863

You can get started with TheraForge on GitHub here.