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TheraForge MagicBox

TheraForge MagicBox

The Open TheraForge (OTF) MagicBox app is a template for creating digital health solutions that help people better manage their health.

This sample application leverages TheraForge frameworks such as OTFTemplateBox to implement a no-code solution that can be customized without requiring any code changes.

MagicBox App as a Template or a Model

MagicBox app’s source code represents an example of how to use the frameworks in the TheraForge SDK. It will constantly evolve to incorporate and showcase new features of the SDK.
You can use MagicBox as a reference, or you can fork it and make it the starting point for your own app.
This open template can help you to create your own digital health application prototype in just a few minutes, without investing a lot of time and money, and even with limited knowledge of coding.

MagicBox Features

  • No-code configuration and setup for accelerated development.
  • Informed consent process and survey generation using Apple’s ResearchKit framework.
  • Care plan management using Apple’s Carekit framework.
  • Monitoring of health data with Apple’s HealthKit framework.
  • Automatic data synchronization across the Cloud (a la Dropbox) using the OTFToolBox SDK.
  • Support for various popular technologies out of the box: user authentication (Sign in with Apple in addition to standard login) with OAuth2, HIPAA- abd GDPR-compliant traffic encryption at rest and in transit (uses TLS 1.3 crypto), app notifications using HTTP 2 Server-Sent Events (SSE), etc.
  • SF Symbols 1.1 support (available on iOS/iPadOS 13 and watchOS 6, and later releases)